Overview of Ns3

  • NS3 is the tool that is developed in C++ as the open-source using the object-oriented programming model.
  • Online NS3 simulator for the devices which are taken place in a local area network and it is mainly used for educational and research use.

This article will educate you about the new generation tool NS3 in detail!

Now, let us see the things that are used in NS3 simulating. The below-mentioned data are the important thing while developing an online NS3 simulator since it indicates the basic functionalities as well. We would like to remark that we are doing successful projects for our scholars and meeting their expectations. So let us have a keen idea about the NS3 in real-time.

Web Application Firewall in NS3

  • We need to install NS3 in our local area to network to run out effective programs with the association of source codes.
  • In the market, there are several tools available to make this function effective. One of the well-known tools in the market is Waf.
  • This is the effective tool that supports the NS3 projects in real-time. It is the new generation tool.

Next, we can see the environmental advancements that are presented in the NS3 tool in detail. In the following perspectives, our developers are habitually updating their skills for achieving the client’s expectations.

 Environment Advancement in NS3

  • Generally, NS3 API is presented in python but they are scripted in C++ or python language
  • In this document, the information of C++ and object-oriented concepts are implicated
  • The MacOS user can install the toolchain xcode from the apple stores
  • Toolchain is the set of programming tools that exist in a given environment
  • The Linux users using the GNU toolchain for the development

We hope that you will get a point on Online NS3 simulator in real-time. The different operating system supports different toolchain they are Xcode and GNU. The users of the different OS can avail themselves of the toolchain from the Play Store and Apple stores. We are giving on-time delivery with in-depth research. For more details visit our site and approach us for your guidance. Without wasting time, we move on to the next topic which is then used to build the NS3.

Programming Languages of NS3          

            The NS3 can be built with the help of Python, C++, and its compilers in the meantime NS3 libraries have reliance with the 3rd party libraries.

Amalgamation of Click Modular Router with NS3

           Routers can be integrated easily by the modular click architectural structure. This is made to accomplish a specific kind of function. With this elasticity, we can conduct experiments with diverse protocols.   

Well suit design for integration

NS3 is the best-adapted design suit for the integration of the click architecture.

  • As NS3 packets are flexible they are allowed to pass from click architecture as they are
  • NS3 Traffics and transport can easily be done with the click architecture.
  • To avoid endeavoring in the implementation of NS3 as an IPv4 protocol we can make the necessary changes in the L3 of the NS3
  • This suit’s main aim is to implement the NS3 click as so simple. Additionally, to inform the node configuration files to each click node.
  • For routing the data packets to the external network the model permits the IPV4 routing class to use click architecture.
  • This model facilitates the click modular router’s interface.
  • For external routing, we need to have a routing table like in the network layer.
  • This will help the OSI to route the data packets properly.
  • IPV4click is the subversion of the IPV4 protocol which is operating in Layer 3.

         As of now, we had seen the emerging aspects which are involved in NS3. Now we can have a look at how the Modbus protocol is accompanied by the Online NS3 Simulator in real-time. We are assuring the quality of the projects that we are providing to our clients.

Research Online NS3 Simulator Projects With Source Code

 Combination of Modbus with NS3

  • Unlike peer to peer network it affords the client-server communication with the connected devices in the network
  • They may from different network topologies
  • Modbus is one of the L7 Protocols in the open-source interconnected model.
  • Like TCP/IP stack the Modbus protocol can be classified into 2. They are as below,
  • Modbus / TCP
  • Modbus / Serial
  • Like 3 Way Handshakes in the TCP/IP stack, initially the client sends the signal to the server, the server will receive the signal and it will again send a signal that it was received the test packet successfully. On the successful sync, the client will send the appropriate query to the server and the server will reverse it back with the Modbus data format. If the data which is sent by the server is in the wrong data format or has an error, the client will send out the exception.
  • Client– One who initiates the Communication
  • Server– One who is responding to the communication
  • Modbus uses the User Datagram protocol in the communication layers.

Fields of Modbus Protocol

The Modbus protocol consisted of 4 fields. As they are explained below, for your better understanding of the fields that evolved in the Modbus protocol.

  • Unit Identifier Field
    • Modbus protocol uses the broadcasting protocol 255. Actually, unit identifier field is used intra system routing.
  • Length field Identifier
    • This is the byte counter that identifies the fields like header, subject and PDU.
  • Transaction Identifier
    • The server copies the transaction identifier’s request and its response in the server itself. Generally, this identifier is used for pairing out the transaction
  • Protocol Identifier
    • Generally, Modbus is identified by the value of (0)

Execution of Modbus

The sources of the scenario can be classified according to our needs. For instance,

  • Modbus-PDU
  • Modbus client
  • Modbus server
  • Modbus helper
  • Star scenario
  • Bus scenario
  • Modbus-MGR 

We can implement the Modbus/TCP protocol with the support of the helper classes. Nodes created in scenario classes have come under the Modbus client and server application which is installed by the helper class. We are using the network, core, internet, protocol as the basic components of Online NS3 simulator.

Following the components, we can assign an IP address and can create nodes. The most important thing we can create network topology and the data rate according to the NS3 modules. Subsequently situating these components it uses the Modbus-helper and the model classes to facilitate the sending of queries and their corresponding response

As of now, we have seen NS3’s overview, WAF in NS3, advancement areas in NS3, and the click module architecture. Along with this, we hope that you will have a clear view of our perspectives. Further, we can see about the simulation module transceiver.

NS3 Transceiver Simulation Module

  • Every simulation component has its helper class for example we take CC2420 as a helper class module
  • By enriching the components of NS3 we can get assistance from the existing NS3 modules
  • For better assistance, we can install TCP/IP or UDP/IP on nodes that are using the CC2420 network device

Whenever a node communicates through the CC2420, the Net device or the interface of the net device will be created by the CC2420 helper class. To have interaction with the application layer protocols CC2420 facilitates the interface to the nodes.

          At last, we are given a description of core project ideas in the current PhD / MS Scholars. For your reference, we have listed some of the trendy project themes. Apart from this, we are having lots of research ideologies and themes.

Possible Current Trend Project Topics using Online NS3 Simulator

  • Enactment valuation on the back off conflicts in windows for MANET
  • Hassle testing vehicular communication based on SDR-open source
  • Analysing the performance on radio proliferation in VANET
  • For diminishing the delay of VOIP in MANET according to Fuzz-logic
  • ReRAM-enabled Deep Neural Network Accelerator based on FPGA

        Furthermore, for your project assistance on novel ideas and research on development areas you can approach us. We guide you 24/7 by immediate response to fulfil your requirements at the right time. We are always openhearted to your expectations in research and development areas with online NS3 simulator.