Peer to Peer Projects prefer by majority of scholars and students today due to its major significance in the field of research. It is created, when one or more nodes are connected to each other to share resources without the need of central coordination server. In this projects mainly based on the protocols, algorithms or file sharing applications used in the respective projects. Due to the following advantages of Peer-to-peer networks like self tuning networks, high reliability, easy configuration and decentralized nature, majority of scholars prefer peer to peer research projects.

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Now, let’s have a glance over few major protocols used in peer to peer projects along with few recent research topics.

File sharing protocols used in P2P-Projects
  • Sharing audio files encoded in MP3 format.
  • Supports in cross platform (Windows, Linux, Mac os and Apple Macintosh.)
  • Supports distributed searching
  • Forward queries to peers (UDP queries, TCP transfers)
  • Improves search performance
  • Reduces Broad cast traffic
  • Distributed hash table for peer communication
Fast Track:
  • Improve scalability and establish peers hierarchy(using super nodes)
  • Sharing files in Mp3 format
  • Distribute data over the internet
  • Transfer huge files.
  • Simultaneously upload and download data
  • Eliminates choke points.
P2P Applications:
  • Distributed computation
  • Multiplayer games (DOOM, Unreal Tournament)
  • Ad-hoc networks
  • Collaborative applications (shared whiteboard, ICQ)
  • Sharing many files to networks such as G2, Gnutella, and the eDonkey network(very popularized peer to peer file sharing networks)
  • Supports various multimedia applications:
    • -Spotify(stream audio and video to their clients)
    • -Lion Share(File sharing among globally)
    • -Osiris(create anonymous and autonomous web portals)
Research topics for Peer-to-Peer-Projects
  • The usage of qualnet simulator also for Comparative analysis of WiMAX performance through mobility mode and fixed mode
  • The performance of Simulation and also evaluation of ZigBee based smart home using Qualnet simulator
  • A new mechanism also for the performance analysis of different coding and modulation schemes in WiMAX
  • The performance of a proposed mechanism also used for traffic management during gateway outage periods in high throughput satellite systems
  • An efficient approach for Performance Analysis of Hybrid Routing Protocols in Wireless Mesh Networks also using variation in maximum speed
  • A new mechanism for Directional Hierarchical AODV routing protocol also for wireless mesh networks
  • A new method also for QoS analysis of WSN based cluster tree data fusion for integrated public utility management
  • An efficient approach also for Performance analysis of network controlled petroleum tank system with RIP and LAR protocol
Some of the trendy project topics,
  • The usage of battery drain used for perform the Detection and prevention of DDOS attack in WSN for AODV and DSR also using battery drain
  • A new method for Opportunistic Routing With Congestion Diversity also in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
  • An efficient performance of Self-organizing network also based handover mechanism for LTE networks
  • The process of localization in wireless sensor networks also based on Optimized path planning mechanism
  • A new technique for Effect of wormhole attack in hierarchical body area network and also need for strict security measures
  • An efficient performance of Adaptive Network Coding scheme also for unreliable multi-hop wireless networks
  • A new technique also for an improved routing protocol based on Gauss-Markov model in Ad Hoc networks utilizing prediction of link quality

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