OPENDAY LIGHT PROJECTS are prefer by majority of students and scholars today, who wish to explore the field of Software defined Networking. Open Daylight is highly extensible, modular, scalable and multi-protocol controller infrastructure built for SDN [Software defined networking] deployments. It provides Model driven abstraction platform which allows users to write apps for a wide variety of south-bound and hardware protocols.

We have accomplish nearly 1000+ OPENDAY LIGHT PROJECTS for students and scholars from various parts of the world. Also We offer dynamic environment for students to enrich their innate potentials and talents in order to bring out the best professionals out of them. If you wish to accomplish your project under the guidance of our research supervisors, approach us with your project requirement.

Now, let’s have a glance over the major releases of daylight controller along with its few recent research issues.

Open Daylight Releases
  • Hydrogen[Feb 2014]
  • Helium[Oct 2014]
  • Lithium[June 2015]
  • Beryllium[Feb 2016]
Latest project topics for OpenDay Light projects:
  • An efficient mechanism also for the Performance evaluation of Open Daylight SDN controller
  • A new method for network orchestration also in OpenDaylight by using Leveraging Net2Plan planning tool
  • The process of Towards a Model-Driven SDN Controller architecture based on OpenDaylight
  • A novel technology for Experimental validation of automatic light path establishment integrating OpenDayLight SDN controller and also Active State ful PCE within the ADRENALINE testbed
  • The new technique for Integrated IT and network orchestration using Open Stack, OpenDay light and active stateful PCE also for intra and inter data center connectivity
  •  Performance of OpenDay Light Controller also based on Orchestration algorithms for network-assisted virtual machine migrations
  • A new mechanism for the Experimental validation of IP over Optical Transport Network also based on Hierarchical Controlled Software Defined Networks Architecture
Lets have an effective titles for you,
  • The process of on optical connectivity service providers also based on Evaluation of virtualization models
  • An efficient approach also for an comparison between several Software Defined Networking controllers
  • A telco’s perspectives based on Open and also flexible transport  Software Defined Networking
  • The new efficient mechanism also on Generalized software defined network platform for Radio Access Networks
  • A novel technique also for process the Transport Network Function Virtualization
  • The new methodology perform the process also on Multi tenant Transport Networks With SDN/NFV
  • An efficient performance of Live VM Migration also based on Network-centric Performance Improvement
  • A new mechanism for Enabling SDN also on a special deployment of Open Stack

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