OPTISYSTEM PROJECTS enables users to design and simulate optical Networks, Next generation optical networks, SONET/SDH Ring Networks, amplifiers, receivers and transmitters. Opti-System is software design suite, which enables the users to test, plan and also simulate optical links in the transmission layer of Modern optical Networks. We have also develop nearly 1000+ projects for students from various parts of the world. Consequently We have also provide many free workshops and seminars on Opti-system technology.

We have nearly 100+ skilled developers and experts working on various aspects of OPTISYSTEM PROJECTS technologies. Also, We focus on student’s individuality and creativity, as we feel that every student is capable to do far more than their capabilities. The only thing they need is right guidance at right time. We also here to offer our complete guidance support for students to bring out the best out them. Approach us to aid our project guidance support to enhance your academic performance and also grades.

Now, let’s have a glance over the key features of Opti-system along with its few recent research topics.

Key Features of Opti-System:
  • Robust library of Multimode fiber Models[including Measured Index and also parabolic Index profile]
  • Supports self phase modulation, stimulated brillouin scattering, four wave mixing and also cross phase modulation
  • Provides support also for advanced optical amplifier design library
  • Full bi-directional and also stimulated Raman scattering capabilities
  • Support for MLSE[Maximum likelihood sequence estimate] and also Viterbi algorithm
Latest Research topics for Opti-System projects:
  • A new technique for the Performance simulations also for a high-speed optical transmission system based on OptiSystem
  • Novel Optisystem also based process of Applying regression models to calculate the Q factor of multiplexed video signal
  • An efficient methodology for a new modified prime codes also for perform higher user capacity in smart synchronous OCDMA network
  • A novel technology for Reparation of chromatic dispersion also using dispersion compensation bank and also bit-error rate analysis at various power levels also in 40 Gbps fiber optics system
  • On the use of An efficient mechanism also for the fiber optical sensing based on Brillouin scattering
  • An efficient performance of System analysis also for optimizing various parameters to mitigate the effects of satellite vibration on inter-satellite optical wireless communication
  • The new secure process of Investigating security of data retrieval also for different detection techniques in SAC-OCDMA systems
  • A novel approach for Energy efficient modulation technique also on 10Gb/s coherent detection optical OFDM
  • The two-code keying for SAC-OCDMA systems also used for an innovative encoding/decoding architecture
Lets we describe our recent titles,
  • The new method also for Design of point to point metro DWDM network and its performance evaluation
  • A new approach also for High spectral efficiency multi-band radio over Fiber system for Next Generation Network
  • The usage of DW and MDW code used also for the Performance comparison of various detection techniques also for SAC-OCDMA system
  • A new privacy performance for a encoding and also decoding structure for SAC-OCDMA systems enabling high-rate transmission
  • The new technique for Modeling and also simulation of OFDM scheme for radio over fiber
  • An efficient usage of Dispersion Compensating Fiber at different wavelengths used also for Performance analysis of WDM link

         These are the few recent Opti-system-projects accomplish in our research concern also by our developers and experts. If you wish to accomplish your project under the guidance of our research experts, approach us now. We are also here to guide you, support you and assist you.