P2P Projects are rendered by our research concern for students and scholars with an only motive to create an innovative platform for student’s career upliftment and academic excellence. Peer to Peer network is one of the significant areas of research, which came into lime light in the recent years. Also, We have developed nearly 1000+ P2P for students from all over the world.

We provide free workshops and seminars on latest technological innovations and trends for students and faculties from renowned universities and colleges in a motive to create technological revolution in the field of research. Our prime motto is student’s satisfaction and contentment, which is the reason for our vast growth in the short duration of time. To become an active member of our renowned research institute, approach us today with your project requirement. We are here to guide you towards your right career path.

Now, let’s have a glance over few simulation tools used for P2P projects along with its recent research topics.

Simulation Tools Used For P2P-Projects:
  • Flow based network simulator
  • Reduce the number of events and memory requirement
  • 600 nodes transmitting 200KB flows of data
  • Simulator is divided into three levels(Network, Protocol and User)
  • Simulate the timing using as a central step-clock
  • Event simulator
  • Supports Chord, Koorde, Kelips, Accordion and Kademila
  • Event simulator
  • Single threaded simulator
  • Mainly designed for file sharing systems
  • Simulate up to 300,000 nodes on a 4GB PC
  • Splits simulations into services and overlay networks
  • Services can be reused
  • Simulate up to 100,000 nodes.
  • Predefined models offers for P2P simulation
  • Two simulation engines cycle based and event based engines.
  • Simulate 1,000,000 nodes with cycle engine
Recent Research topics for P2P-Projects
  • A new secure mechanism for Flexible and Secure Resource Sharing also for Mobile Augmentation Systems
  • The new method for Distributed Software Infrastructure also for General Purpose Services in Smart Grid
  • The process of Layered Distribution Versus Partitioned Simulcast based on Dealing also With User Heterogeneity in P2P Multi-Party Video Conferencing
  • An efficient Method for providing reliable peer activity report also for managed P2P communications
  • A new approach for Trustworthy P2P Data Delivery also for Moving Objects in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks
  • An efficient process of New D2D Peer Discovery Scheme also based on Spatial Correlation of Wireless Channel
Some more titles for P2P
  • The new technology also for Personalized pre-trust reputation management in social P2P network
  • A new method for Exploiting Double Opportunities also for Latency-Constrained Content Propagation in Wireless Networks
  • The novel approach for the building of covert channels also in server less P2P file sharing networks
  • A new performance of Delay-Aware Optimization of Physical Layer Security in Multi-Hop also Wireless Body Area Networks
  • The process of Research on the credibility of wireless sensor networks also in multi dimensional data
  • An efficient process of Intelligent Personal Assistants also Based on Internet of Things Approaches
  • The novel performance of network monitoring also in distributed wireless sensor networks
  • A new technique for Impact of mobile nodes also for few mobility models on delay-tolerant network routing protocols
  • The new approach for Energy Efficiency and also Contact Opportunities Tradeoff in Opportunistic Mobile Networks

          Hope that you would have got an idea about P2P-projects. We have provided few simulation tools along with few latest research topics for projects. In addition to the above mentioned simulation tools, we can use additional tools like NS2, Omnet++, SSFNet and Georgia Tech Network simulator. We offer complete support for all the types of the simulation tools used for the simulation of P2P Networks. Students can approach us with any particular simulation tool along with also their project ideas. We are ready to provide our all round guidance support for your project accomplishment. Avail our service anytime [24/7 online availability].