Qualnet Network Simulator is one of the leading simulator tool used by many research scholars and students. It is commercial software but it has many advantages which make it best for simulating real time networks. So It provides accuracy and is scalable for large scale networks. It provides graphical user interface which accomplishes almost all the jobs. Students who wish to work in Qualnet can contact us anytime as we are best in this field.

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     A Qualnet Network Simulator was develop by Scalable network technologies for large scale and heterogeneous networks. It is used to create voice models for all types of data, voice and video networks. so It supports real time network simulation and it is mainly written in C++.

Major advantage of using Qualnet over other simulator is:
  • It has good debugging support as it is integrate with Microsoft Visual studio which allows line by line debugging
  • Qualnet has good Graphical Interface support which allows you to modify it or add any new menus/protocols using XML.
Main components of Qualnet are:
  • Qual-net Animator
  • Qualnet Scenario Designer
  • Qual-net Analyser
  • Qualnet 3D Visualizer
  • Qual-net Simulator
  • Qualnet Packet tracer
  • Qual-net Importer
Using the above mentioned component, Qualnet allows the programmer to
  • Frame a new model of protocol
  • To optimize new and existing model
  • Allows also to design large wired and wireless networks
  • Analyze the performance of networks
  • Perform What-if analysis also to optimize the network.

      Qualnet is also an exclusive tool use to provide comprehensive environment to create and design protocols, animate scenarios and also finally analyze the performance. It connects with external software and hardware like OTB, real networks and also third part visualization software for enhancing the value of network model. So It has capabilities to support Parallel simulation and also supports Multi threading capabilities of distributed and Multiprocessor computing.

Few mobility models supported by Qualnet are:
  • Random Waypoint Model
  • Trace also based Models and
  • Group mobility model

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