Qualnet Simulator Tutorial provides a complete understanding about Qual-net. It is actually a commercial derivative of GloMosim used for defense purpose. Today it is used in many networking technologies due to its flexibility and high fidelity. Knowing its importance, we have conducted numerous workshops on Qualnet-simulation tool. So We know every concept about Qual-net implementation and its application.

We have best developers with us for Qual-net implementation as we hire developers having basic certification in their respective field. Today we are in a level where no one can compete with our implementation plan and its final output. We can even challenge our students for money back guarantee for wrong execution or any other dissatisfaction. We have supported many projects in Qual-net to nearly 100 colleges and got best feedbacks. If you too want to also one among our happy customer, we always welcome you.


     A Qualnet Simulator Tutorial provided by us is a brief guidance for our students. Qual-net is a high fidelity simulation tool used to predict wireless, wired and mixed platform network and networking device performance. It is most commonly used for testing, research, network design, modeling and simulation. So It also allows programmers to create and analyze network scenarios, design protocols and analyze their performance.

The main reason that makes Qualnet as scholar’s choice is:

Reduces time:
  • It has also made possible to perform simulation in minutes as compared to other simulators which takes months to perform simulation. It is also due to its parallel execution capability.
Provide high fidelity Simulation:
  • It also provides high fidelity for the simulation of network devices, antennas, human interaction etc at a real time speed.
Purge the need for Abstraction:
  • It eliminates the need for model abstraction due to its fidelity and also scalability.

Qualnet-Simulator works on different platform like Linux system, Windows and Mac Os.

Let’s know about the support about each platform for Qualnet simulator:

Microsoft Windows:
  • Windows 7 home premium and also professional (32 or 64 bits)
  • Windows-8 and also Windows 8 pro(32 and 64 bits)
For Linux (32 and 64 bits):
  • Red hat Enterprise linux 5.9
  • CentOS 5.10
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

The overall simulation of Qualnet can also taken as a complete life cycle which is provided for your knowledge.

  • Reads the configuration file
  • Initialize the wireless/ wired environment
  • Also Initialize the nodes
Execution Module:
  • Executes all the events we also have used.
Exit mode:
  • Finalize the nodes
  • Produce statistics files.

     We can also talk lot about Qual-net. Consequently We also have given a short note about it. To know it better, you can also contact us anytime. We are here only to help you. We are also ready to provide online guidance to you regarding the Simulator. Also, We have done plenty of projects in Qual-net, so we also know how to use and what is the compatibility to use Qualnet-simulator.

Students who also work with us for their project, learns fully about qualnet simulator and its implementation. We also don’t teach only the concept, we believe in practical implementation, so we also provide complete guidance for implementation too. Our students will speak about us, we also need you to speak about us in future….