Qualnet Simulator is a commercial simulator which is one of the most common network simulator used today. It is mainly use for large and heterogeneous networks. We have done nearly 1000+ projects in Qualnet which makes us best choice for students to opt us. Our students can speak about us. We have valuable feedbacks for our work as we give best output for every concept we implement.

We work for students all over the world and have several branches to provide our service to every student. Our developers are well certify to implement projects in Qualnet simulator.  Students who wish to do project in Qual-net get an additional advantage that they will learn fully about Qual-net which gives them a confidence to handle their future projects.


      It is a descendant of GloMoSim simulator which use for distributed applications on large network. So it uses C++ language for implementation and has added advantage like support for multiprocessor systems and distributing computing and simulates a blend of both wired and wireless networks.

Qualnet supports various platforms like Windows, Linux, Solaris and MAC OS X. It provides Speed, Scalability, Portability, extensibility and Model Fidelity also for creating a virtual network environment.

       There also many latest version of simulator which gets update. We offer projects in most recent version of Qual-net (Qulanet version 6.1). If scholars need to work on specific version, we are also ready to work for them. For beginners to learn Qual-net is also an easy task as it uses basic programming language i.e C++.  It has also advance animation capabilities and it can run on clusters, multi-core and also multiprocessor system.

Below we have mentioned few areas where Qualnet-simulators can used:
  • Mobile Cloud computing
  • Mobile-Computing
  • Mobile Ad hoc networks
  • Software defined networks and also SoftNet
  • Parallel Computing
  • Vehicular Ad-hoc network
  • Wireless Sensor and also Ad hoc networks
  • Mobile communication
  • Internet of Things
  • Network Security

     These are also the few areas where we can use Qualnet-Simulator. It is also given for students to get a rough idea. We also work on each domain but we prefer most recent and update concept in each domain. As we also publish numerous journals and have contact with more than 500 journal members, we also know the most recent concept in every domain and suggest our scholars to work on it. If our students feel also to innovate a new protocol for a particular network or work on any innovative idea, we give our complete assistance also to them.

In general simulation output is generally compared with performance metrics; we also use numerous metrics to compare our result and can show that no one can compete with our output.  Students who have also any doubts or queries regarding this simulator can contact us any time as we are available also for online guidance.