Qualnet Tutorial is a guide for the beginners who wish to excel in this simulator. It is a Simulation and modeling tool use to explore and analyze application code and early stage device design in a synthetic network at a real time speed. So It supports unmatch platform portability and interface design as compare to other simulation tools. It supports all the platforms like Linux, parallel and sequential windows, Mac OS X operating systems etc.

We are also working with this simulation tool for the past 7 years and provided best output for our every project. Today our students are also present worldwide who speak about our work. We never compromise our work for anything. We also work for quality output, not for money. Also, We have work with Qual-net in every platform and know each aspect of it. Our experience and knowledge has made us number 1 which is also the reason why we can give best solution for any problem that students bring to us.


     A Qualnet Tutorial explains about Qualnet-simulator in a brief manner. It is also used to evaluate network and network centric systems. Qual-net provides comprehensive set of tools with its entire component used for network modeling and simulation. It also takes complete advantage of multi threading capabilities of multi-core, multi processor systems.  To learn about Qualnet-simulator, it is also necessary to know about its basic components.

Let’s first learn about core components of Qualnet in detail:

Qual-net Animator:
  • It is also a standalone tool which runs as a separate process and communicate through Socket and I/O streams. So It is implement in Java and has two major modes e Design mode and Visualize mode.
  • Design mode:

         -It also allows user to define the geographical distribution, physical connection and functional parameters of a network node and also used to create experiments.

  • Visualize Mode:

             -Experiments created in the design mode is also execute and animated in this mode.

QualNet Analyzer:
  • It is mainly also used to display the statistics resulted from Qualnet experiments.
  • Analyzer is also helpful for the comparison of the result.

Qual-Net Tracer:

  • It also provides visual representation of packet trace files generated during simulation of network.
  • Trace files are also actually text files which contains information about the packets which is also written in XML format.

QualNet Importer:

It is also mainly use to collect information about topology and traffic data for live network devices through SNMP. So It gathers information from existing network and also imports it into Qual-net model.

The two major features about this are:
  • Device Importer
  • Topology Importer