SDN Projects are highly preferred by research scholars, who wish to undertake an innovative project in the field of Networking. Software defined networking is an innovative approach, which is used to manage the network services through the abstraction of lower level functionality. We have accomplish nearly 1000+ projects also for students with an only focus on innovation and ingenuity in project ideas.

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let’s have a glance over the basics of SDN along with its few latest research topics.

Key features of SDN:
  • Emerging reality.
  • Big switch network
  • Automating network device configuration.
  • Deliver Agility and also Flexibility
  • Centralized Management
  • Enable Innovation

Algorithms used in SDN Projects:

  • Rule caching algorithm
  • Dynamic algorithm for loop detection
  • Emulation of shortest path also in algorithm
  • Extending Dijkstra’s shortest path routing algorithm
  • Multi constrained algorithm
  • Genetic based load balancing also in algorithm
  • Scalable routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) algorithms
  • Dynamic time out algorithm
  • Heuristic algorithm for energy consumption and also optimization.
  • Malware Detection algorithm also in mobile devices
Simulation tools for SDN [Software defined Networking]
  • CloudSimSDN
  • NS-3
  • EstiNet 9.0 OpenFlow Network Simulator and also Emulator
  • Mininet
Latest Research topics for SDN-projects
  • A novel technology for Advanced Control Distributed Processing Architecture also using SDN and Hadoop for identifying the flow characteristics and setting the quality of service(QoS) in the network
  • The new mechanism performance of Multi-tenancy also for Virtualized Network Functions
  • An usage of physical switch functions for NFV infrastructure also used for Dynamic virtual network configuration between containers
  • A new technology process on Network considerations also for open source based clouds
  • An efficient purpose of Raspberry Pi of switches also with routing add-on is used for Software defined wireless network testbed
  • A new mechanism also on Multi-Tenant Software-Defined Hybrid Optical Switched Data Center
  • The new method for Evaluating the SDN control traffic also in large ISP networks
  • An efficient performance of Feature-based comparison and also selection of Software Defined Networking controllers
  • A novel approach also for Video streaming over software defined networks with server load balancing
  • The performance of 3D rendering and also streaming services by using SDN-based adaptive cloud network management
  • A new methodology also for Multi-layered Service Orchestration in a Multi-domain Network Environment
  • An efficient performance of Model of transport SDN and also MPLS-TP for T-SDN controller
  • A new method also for the process of Rule Anomalies Detecting and Resolving for Software Defined Networks
  • The new technique also for QoS enabled WiFi MAC layer processing as an example of a NFV service
  • A novel technology also for SDN-enabled programmable optical packet/circuit switched intra data center network

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