Software Defined Networking Projects are rendered by our research concern with an only motive to create the seeds of innovation in the minds of young and dynamic researchers. We have started our service seven years before with the collaborative efforts of renowned researchers and technocrats. Today, we stand as one among the leading research institute with more than 50+ branches worldwide. We offer dynamic environment for students to nurture their innate talent and potential in order to bring out the best professional out of them. Basic foundation of our every project is confidentiality and novelty.

We feel that every student have a potential to create something innovative for their project. The only thing they need is the right guidance, which we are ready to offer them. Approach us to avail our perfect guidance, to uplift your academic career with our complete support. Now, let’s have a glance over few basic needs of SDN projects[Switches/Controllers] along with its few recent research areas.

Switches/Controllers used in SDN-Projects:
  • Floodlight
  • Indigo
  • Open source networking “neuron”
  • OpenvSwitch
  • Open Daylight
  • ONOS
  • Beacon
  • Ryu Controller
  • Cherry
  • Vneio/sdnc

Recent Research topics for Software defined Networking projects:

  • An efficient mechanism also for the Investigating the impact of network topology on the processing times of SDN controllers
  • A new process of Design and also deployment of Open Stack-SDN based test-bed for EdoS
  • A new method also for Demonstration of multi-domain spectrum defragmentation with minimum controller-participation degree in elastic optical networks
  • An efficient mechanism for Role-based multiple controllers also for load balancing and security in SDN
  • A new tool for Scalability analysis and also flow admission control in mininet-based SDN environment
  • An impact of virtualization and also cloud based on Trends and directions in networking
  • Towards Software-Defined Optical Network process also based on the perspective of heterogeneous optical networks
  • The performance of QoE-centric flow routing in software-defined networks also based on Ant colony optimization
  • A new mechanism for on software-defined networking and also the design of SDN controllers
  • An efficient performance Dynamic Analysis of Application Delivery Network also for Leveraging Software Defined Infrastructures
  • The usage of Networking Architecture also for Seamless Cloud Interoperability
  • A new technique also for the Model of transport SDN and MPLS-TP for T-SDN controller
  • An efficient approach also for Mobile Cloud-based Interactive 3D Rendering and Streaming System over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
  • A new secure process also for Assessing the impact of resource attack in Software Defined Network
  • The purpose of the open-source also tools to perform the Multilayer network planning and operation

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