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   Simple NS2 Program offers you best programs and code in NS-2 for students and scholars from all over the world.  We offer you best code for your projects, assignments or any particular topic in NS-2. We have provided one sample simple program in NS-2 for students to know about our tutoring approach. If you feel to have more such simple programs in NS-2, approach us through our online tutoring service. Beginners in NS-2, can have an online session with us on NS-2 simulation, we will teach you completely about NS-2. To better know about our tutoring service, have a glance over the below mentioned content.

Here, we have focused on one of the major concept of networking i.e. Routing protocols. Routing is one of the significant concepts of Networking as it route discovery and packet transmission is the base of networking applications.

NS2 simulator supports various types of Routing protocols like:
  • Unicast Routing protocol[One to One]
  • Multicast Routing protocols[one to many]
  • Anycast protocol[One to any data delivery]
  • Broadcast protocol[One to all]

     Among this let’s take Multicast protocol and explore it, in a more in-depth manner for students to get an idea about our tutoring approach. We tutor our students with all the needed information about a concept to learn anything in in-depth manner.

Let’s now focus on few major Multicast Routing protocols used in NS2 Simulation.

Tree based Multicast Routing protocol:
  • AMRIS[Ad hoc Multicast Routing protocol utilizing increasing IP numbers]
  • MAODV[Multicast Operation of Ad hoc On-demand vector Routing protocol]
  • BEMRP[Bandwidth efficient Multicast Routing protocol]
Mesh based Multicast Routing protocol:
  • Dynamic core based Multicast Routing protocol
  • On Demand Multicast Routing protocol
  • Adaptive Core Multicast Routing protocols
Reliable Multicast Routing protocol:
  • In Reliable On-demand Routing protocol
  • Reliable-Adaptive Multicast protocol
  • Robust and scalable Geographic Multicast protocol

Simple NS-2 program for Multicast Protocol:

# We configure multicast protocol

DM set CacheMissMode dvmrp

set mproto DM

# Now all the nodes in the network will contain multicast protocol agents

set mrthandle [$ns mrtproto $mproto]

setudp1 [new Agent/UDP]

set udp2 [new Agent/UDP]

$netsim attach-agent $node1 $udp1

$ netsim attach-agent $node2 $udp2

set src1 [new Application/Traffic/CBR]

$src1 attach-agent $udp1

$ udp1 set dstn_addr_ $group

$udp1 set dstn_port_ 0

$src1 set random_ false

# Now we create receiver agents

set receiver [new Agent/LossMonitor]

# joining and leaving the group;

$netsim at 0.6 “$node3 join-group $receiver $group”

$ netsim at 1.6 “$node5 join-group $receiver $group”

$netsim at 1.9 “$node4 leave-group $receiver $group”

$ netsim at 0.4 “$sender1 start”

$netsim at 2.0 “$sender2 start”

$ netsim at 4.0 “finish”

proc finish

{ }


global netsims

$netsim flush-trace

exec nam out.nam &

exit 0


     Now, you may have got an idea about NS-2 programming. We have taken Multicast protocol as an example program to explain you, our way of guidance and tutoring. We never provide anything for Namesake; our approach focuses on in depth research and complete knowledge. When we can dedicate a complete page for a simple program explanation to you, think the level of guidance, we can provide you for your project, assignments or particular topics in NS2. You cannot measure our guidance and support by viewing what we say, feel our guidance to better understand about us. Approach us now, time is running out.