SWANS Network Simulator Projects are prefer by majority of scholars today, due to its added advantages like memory optimization, support for distributed, parallel and speculation execution in Java and Jist platform, Interactive simulators and simulation debuggers etc. In this SWAN[Scalable Wireless Network Simulator] is a simulation tool built on the top of JIST platform to achieve high simulation throughput, save memory and run standard Java Network applications over simulated networks.

Its capabilities are similar to GloMosim and NS-2 but can simulate much larger networks. We have accomplished nearly 1000+ SWANS projects for students from all over the world. Nearly 5000+ students from 120+ countries are benefitted with our service up to now. We are proud to say that our students feel contented and satisfied with our service. If you wish to be one among our satisfied student, approach us now with your project need. We have provided few recent research topics for students to get an idea about SWANS Network Simulator projects.

Recent Research topics for Swans-Network-Simulator projects:
  • The performance of the hybrid protocol also used for Continuous connectivity aware routing in VANET
  • An efficient process Parameters tuning of OLSR routing protocol with meta heuristic algorithm also for VANET
  • The new methodology also for a heterogeneous wireless network integrating smartphones, WLANs and also VANET to enhance on-road surveillance and security
  • A new method for Design of single and also Multi path Routing Protocol for quality of service in VANET
  • The new technique process Resource allocation also for scalable video streaming in highway VANET
  • New secure mechanism a new group Diffie-Hellman key generation proposal used also for secure VANET communications
  • A novel approach for a Cooperative Detection Model also Based on Artificial Neural Network for VANET QoS-OLSR Protocol
  • The performance of Enabling seamless V2I communications also based on toward developing cooperative automotive applications in VANET systems
  • A new secure algorithm DES also used for Data sharing in vehicular ad hoc network
  • The new approach for Scaling VANET security also through cooperative message verification
  • An efficient performance of Region authority also based collaborative scheme to detect Sybil attacks in VANET
  • The process of inter communication in VANET also based on Self-adaptive approach in hybrid route mechanism
  • A new approach a dynamic hierarchical VANET architecture also for Named Data Networking applications
  • An efficient usage of Cooperative and also Opportunistic Transmissions used for a Novel TDMA-MAC Protocol for VANET
  • A novel technology for Efficient bandwidth utilization also during message dissemination among authentic vehicles in VANET

       We also have provide few recent research topics, which we have implemented in our research concern. Students can also prefer any of the above topics for their project accomplishment or can also approach us for further topic assistance. We are also here to serve your project needs at 24/7.