TRANS Network Simulator Projects are render by our research concern for students and scholars, who wish to undertake an innovative networking concept using TRANS-Simulator. In TraNS[Traffic Network Simulator] Simulator is a GUI tool, which integrates traffic simulator [SUMO] with Network Simulator [NS-2] for the simulation of VANET. It is also implement in C++ and Java programming language and works under Windows and also Linux Operating systems.

We have also implement nearly 1000+ Trans Network Simulator projects for students from various parts of the world. We also have world class developers and well certified engineers working also with us for the past 10 years in an only motive to serve the budding students with their immense experience and expertise. You can also aid our expert’s guidance by just clicking one mail/call to us. We also will be back to you with our team of research experts. Now, let’s have also a glance over few basics of TraNS simulator along with its recent research topics.

Key Features of TraNS simulator:
  • Generation of mobility trace file from tiger (database) for NS-2 using TraNSLite which is also compatible up to SUMO 0.10 versions.
  • Develop simulation framework also for VANET applications.
  • Large scale simulation
  • Random and flow based vehicle routes generation also using dura outer tool from SUMO simulator
  • Sumo and also NS-2 coupling by TraCI
Protocols Used in Trans-Network-Simulator projects:
  • Topology based protocols:
    • -Proactive Routing protocols: FSR, DSDV, OLSR, CGSR, WRP, and also TBRPF.
    • -Reactive Routing protocols: AODV, PGB, DSR, TORA, and also JARR
    • -Hybrid protocols: ZRP, HARP
  • Position based protocols: greedy V2V protocols, also Delay Tolerant Protocols
  • Cluster based Routing protocols: COIN, LORA-CBF, TIBCRPH, and also CBDRP.
  • Broad cast based Routing protocols: BROADCOMM, UMB, V-TRADE, and also DV-CAS
  • Geocast Routing protocols: IVG, DG-CASTOR and also DRG
Latest Research Topics for Trans-Network-Simulator projects:
  • A new mechanism also for the synthetic aperture radar trans ionospheric radio propagation simulator
  • The new technique also for Enhanced cooperative collision avoidance in sudden vehicle braking scenarios
  • A new method also for Design of wide-sense stationary sum-of-sinusoids fading channel simulators
  • The process of hybrid simulator also for EMI analysis of twisted cables on complex platforms based on a time-domain integral-equation
  • An efficient usage of single OTRA also with a signal processing application for Grounded immittance simulator
  • The usage of the E-Pelvis Physical Simulator also for perform Markov Model Assessment of Subjects’ Clinical Skill
  • An efficient approach also for Integration of CMOS Logic Circuits also with Lateral Power MOSFET
  • The usage of non-equilibrium Green’s functions also for the Simulation of interface roughness in DGMOSFETs
  • A new technique also for Radiation pattern analysis of microstrip fed Yagis placed on a rectangular dielectric plate of finite dimensions
  • An efficient process of a Precise Memory-Hierarchy Simulation Framework also on Parallel Full-System Simulator
  • The performance of multi-mode optical fiber in mid-channel link also for package system SI transient simulations by using a SPICE model
  • An efficient performance of hybrid field-circuit simulator by using a parallel time-domain adaptive integral method
  • The usage of an electromagnetic field analysis tool for perform Multipaction modelling of low-cost H-plane filters
  • A new mechanism for Foam phantom development for artificial vertebrae used for surgical training
  • The process of chronic in vivo aquatic stimulation based on 3D-printed wearable backpack stimulator

             We have provided only few recent research topics for student’s reference. For further topic assistance or complete project guidance service, approach us through our online guidance service. Our experts are waiting to serve you with your project needs.