VANET in NS2 simulator is used to analyze the performance of VANET Networks using a set of performance metrics. In this VANET [Vehicular Ad hoc Networks] has become an active area of research and development due to its tremendous potential to enhance vehicle and road safety, traffic efficiency etc. Recent research work in VANET has focused on specific areas including Quality of service [QoS], Routing, broadcasting and security. NS2 is one of the powerful simulation tool used for the simulation of VANET Networks.

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Now, let’s have a glance over few major applications of VANET along with its recent research areas.

Major Applications of VANET:
  • Tracking location
  • Electric vehicles charging
  • Driverless vehicles applications
  • Security distance warning applications
  • Road hazard control notification
  • Automatic parking
  • Dissemination of road information
  • Infotainment applications include Internet access to vehicles, and various peer-to-peer applications and commercial advertisements.
  • Vehicular Driver Safety Applications and Traffic Control/Regulation applications include accident alert and avoid accidents, and real time traffic condition update applications
  • Cellular mobile devices with 3G/4G data connectivity
Recent Research topics for VANET-projects using NS2:
  • An efficient mechanism for VANET throughput model scenarios for authorized V2V communication
  • A new performance of Traffic flow-based roadside unit allocation strategy for VANET
  • The new method for a Reliable Trust-based Platoon Service Recommendation Scheme in VANET
  • A Multichannel MAC with Reactive Routing also in VANET based on a Predictive Cross-layered Interference Management
  • The novel approach also for the process Context-adaptive detection of insider attacks in VANET information dissemination schemes
  • A new method also for Stochastic delay analysis of an architecture integrating VANET with LTE networks
  • An efficient usage of a Fuzzy Multi-Metric QoS-Balancing Gateway Selection Algorithm in a Clustered VANET also to LTE Advanced Hybrid Cellular Network
  • The performance of Data Access also in VANET Cloud Environment based on Non-cooperative Resource Allocation Scheme
Lets we discuss some more topics,
  • A novel technology process on a New Decentralized Bayesian Approach for Cooperative Vehicle Localization also Based on Fusion of GPS and VANET Based Inter-Vehicle Distance Measurementa
  • New mechanism on Pre-Distribution of Certificates also for Pseudonymous Broadcast Authentication in VANET
  • The process of Testing and Evaluation of VANET Applications also by using Multi-resolution-Modeling
  • A novel method for Dependability of Decentralized Congestion Control also for varying VANET density
  • New secure technique process on the use of security analytics also for attack detection in vehicular ad hoc networks
  • The performance of instant emergency message propagation also based on Road side unit assisted stochastic multi-hop broadcast scheme
  • An efficient process of Design Approach also for Accidents Notification in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network

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