VANET Network Simulation in NS2 is the best way to analyze the performance of VANET Networks to predict its real behavior. It is an application of Mobile Ad hoc Network which is self organized network formed by connecting vehicles aiming to improve traffic management and driving safety. It employs two types of connections namely Vehicle to Vehicle and Vehicle to Infrastructure.  We are working in this field for the past 7 years and have developed nearly 1000+ projects. In Our immense experience and immeasurable expertise is reflected from our work quality and standard.

Our service has start as a collaborative effort of top experts and researchers from all over the world. Today, we are world renown for our dedicated service and innovative approaches. We have 100+ skilled researchers working on various aspects of VANET using NS2. If you wish to accomplish your VANET Network Simulation in NS2, approach us now. We are here to support you at 24/7. Now, let’s have a glance over few recent research topics for projects using NS2 along with few NS-2 simulation metrics.

Performance Metrics used in VANET Simulation:
  • Simulation time
  • Packet size
  • Speed
  • Traffic type
  • Number of vehicles
  • Transmission area
  • Simulation area
  • Frequency
VANET Network-Simulation in NS-2 based project topics:
  • An efficient performance of CRL authentication scheme also for vehicular communications
  • A new mechanism for Time series prediction QoS routing also in software defined vehicular ad-hoc network
  • The process of Manhattan mobility model on vehicular ad-hoc network based on Performance evaluation of PUMA routing protocol
  • A new process of an efficient environmental model considering environmental factor also for V2I application services
  • An efficient performance of Efficient RSU Distribution to Estimate Travel Time for Vehicular Users by using Genetic Algorithm
  • A new secure mechanism for Dual Authentication and also Key Management Techniques for Secure Data Transmission also in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • The new method for Impact of mobility model on packet transmission in vehicular ad hoc network based on IR-UWB
  • Novel approach for Traffic flow modeling and limitation on the coexistence of WAVE and WLAN
  • A new methodology for Intersection collision avoidance in vehicular ad hoc network
  • The new efficient scheme Coalition Games also for Spatio-Temporal Big Data in Internet of Vehicles Environment
  • A new secure process Covert communication also based privacy preservation in mobile vehicular networks
  • The new technique for Relatively Stable Clustering also for Unbiased Environments in VANETs
  • A new method the Dynamics of Vehicular Networks also in Large-Scale Urban Environments
  • The novel technology also for Software defined networking-based vehicular Ad hoc Network with Fog Computing
  • An efficient method also for Multi-hop information dissemination in an urban scenario

          We also have provide only few recent research topics for VANET-Network Simulation in NS-2. For further topic assistance, approach us through our online guidance service. We are also here to support you at 24/7.