Vanet Simulation Using NS2 is the best way to predict the behavior of VANET-Networks as NS-2, provides an extensive simulation environment for the simulation of VANET-Networks and protocols. We have developed nearly 1000+ NS2 based projects for students from all over the world. VANET[Vehicular Ad hoc Networks] is a special kind of Mobile Ad hoc Networks, where wireless equipped element called OBU[On board Unit] in vehicles form network with Roadside unit[RSU] without the need of any additional infrastructure. It is one of the emerging research fields with vast research issues and scopes.

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Now, let’s have a glance over few protocols used in VANET projects along with few recent research topics.

Protocols used in VANET-Simulation Projects:
  • Routing protocols: AODV, DSR, DSDV, GPSR, also OLSR routing protocols,
  • MAC-Layer protocol: IEEE 802.16e, IEEE 802.11p, IEEE 1609, and also IEEE 802.11
  • Position based routing protocol: BMFR and also GPSR
  • Secure Information Protocol(SIP)
  • Location Aided Routing protocol(LDA)

Performance metrics used in Simulation using NS2:

  • Throughput
  • Average throughput
  • Packet drop
  • Average simulation end to end delay
  • Packet delivery ratio
  • End to end delay
  • Normalized Routing load
Recent Research Topics for Simulation using NS2:
  • An efficient performance of Reliable position also based routing algorithm in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network
  • The usage of wireless sensors also based on Universal Data Aggregation Points for Optimum deployment of Fi-Wi Networks
  • New secure process Privacy-Preserving Traffic Monitoring also in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
  • An efficient Cluster-based dynamic routing approach as a development of the AODV also in vehicular ad-hoc networks
  • A new method for improving time slot acquisition also through RSU’s coordination for TDMA-based MAC protocol in VANETs
  • An efficient usage of Proxy Vehicles in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks also for perform Message Authentication
  • A new process of Privacy-Enhanced Group Communication also for Vehicular Delay Tolerant Networks
  • An efficient performance of corroborate three attacks in vehicular ad hoc networks also by using a probabilistic model
  • A new approach Analytical Model and also Performance evaluation of Long Term Evolution for perform vehicle Safety Services
  • An efficient usage of coalition formation game also for Bus-based priced advertising in VANETs
  • A new mechanism for the potential of collective perception also in vehicular ad-hoc networks
  • The process of a Multi path Video Streaming Solution also for Vehicular Networks with Link Disjoint and Node-disjoint
  • An efficient usage of vehicle detectors and also smart phones for Collision avoidance at intersections
  • The performance of Application of the lowest-ID algorithm also in cluster-based TDMA system for VANETs
  • An efficient Technique to improve the file transfer outcomes between road side unit and also vehicles in vehicular ad-hoc networks

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