Mainly, the computer network is accountable for the transmission of data packets from the sender to the through receiver numerous hops and nodes. For more information, we have listed out the substantial parts of computer networks research areas for PhD & MS Scholars.

What are the main parts of computer networks?

  • Switches
    • It is a device that connects some other devices and deals with the communication in the network among nodes
    • It has to make sure that the data packets have reached their target
    • Primarily, the switches in the computer network have to monitor the transmission among the devices in the network
    • In addition, the routers in the computer network help to transmits the data among the networks, and switches in the computer network transmits the data among the nodes
  • Nodes
    • Generally, it is a connecting point in the network device and it helps to generate, accept, forward and store the data
    • Here we have listed out some examples for the nodes such as modems, computers, switches, bridges, and printers
    • It is liberal to all the networks and devices which can easily recognize, send out and develop the data to the other network node
    • For the security purpose, each and every node requires for the detection process such as IP address and etc
  • Routers
    • It helps to transmit the data packets, additionally, it forwards the packets until it reaches the receiver
    • It is a physical or virtual device which transmits the data packets among the networks
    • It determines the data inside the packets to decide the finest method to richer the receiver
  • IP Address
    • It is to identify the host of the network and the host network of the location where the device is located
    • IP address is the exclusive number that is assigned for all the devices which are connected to the network by the usage of the protocol of internet communication
    • IP address of the sender and the receiver is noted down by the header in the data when the transmission takes place between the devices
Top 15+ Computer Networks Research Areas

Interesting Computer Networks Research Areas?

  • Optical Network
  • SDN Projects
  • Satellite Communication
  • Molecular Communication
  • Vehicular Sensor Network
  • Optical Communication
  • Wireless Body Area Network
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • OFDM Wireless Communication
  • Underwater Sensor Network

Protocols in Computer Network

            Generally, in the real world, we have a lot of rules and regulations which are essential for proper functioning. Rules are the proper procedure to do something.  In the same way, the computer system has some protocols which are none other than the rules and guidelines as above mentioned in the framework of the computer system.  The protocols are executed by the hardware and the software of the system and by blending both.

Computer Network Protocols

  • OSI Layer
  • Type of Domain
    • Exterior
    • Interior
  • Addressing Space
    • Classful
    • Classless
  • Routing Type
    • Unicast
    • Multicast
    • Geocast
  • Routing Algorithm
    • Link State
    • Distance Vector
    • Hybrid
    • Path Vector

To give you an idea, our research experts have listed out some significant types of protocols in the computer network. We help to evaluate the important metrics that influence the performance of computer networks.

Computer Network Protocols list

  • Aodv Protocol
  • Interior Protocol
  • Eigrp Protocol
  • Dsdv Protocol
  • Bgp Protocol
  • Ols Protocol
  • Dsr Protocol
  • Igp Protocol
  • Rip Protocol
  • Classful Protocol
  • Proactive Protocol
  • Dsdv Protocol
  • Tora Protocol
  • Rpl Protocol
  • Classless Protocol
  • Ad Hoc Protocol
  • Zrp Protocol
  • On Demand Protocol
  • Zone Protocol
  • Ccna Protocol
  • Pegasis Protocol
  • Tcp Protocol
  • Exterior Gateway Protocol
  • Internal Protocol
  • Wireless Routing Protocol

Eventually, our research experts have highlighted some of the best computer networks research areas idea.

Top 6 Interesting Computer Networks Research Ideas

  • QOS Attainment
  • Network routing
  • Network Topology
  • QOE Attainment
  • Network Optimization Designs
  • Network Traffic Analysis

On the whole, we are ready to accept your ideas and develop that with new things at each stage. At this point, it is clear that we make you stand unique. To sum up we have the best research team to go through the recent developments in this field. So contact us, for your computer networks research areas. We guide research scholars to implement computer networking projects.