ns2 project in Croatia

Ns2 project in Croatia

      Ns2 project in Croatia the description of the two-dimensional sea is partitioned into sections, with a section manager process responsible for each section. Ship manager processes are responsible for handling requests ns2 project in Croatia dealing with ships, such as moving and firing. All requests are placed into a single, logically centralized queue, maintained by a queue manager process. Ship managers take and ns2 project in Croatia process requests from this queue. The game is driven from a script, with multiple user processes reading this script and issuing requests to the queue manager.

       This distributed ns2 project in Croatia application illustrates several aspects of the monitoring system, including: the operation of the monitor’s distributed components; the interaction between the monitoring ns2 project in Croatia system and other Issos tools; the tradeoffs regarding the use of the monitor’s various collection mechanisms and the tradeoffs regarding the distribution of information analysis; and ns2 project in Croatia the tradeoffs between tracing and sampling of program execution.Dynamicmonitoringbasicrequirements.

         The usefulness of dynamic monitoring is demonstrated using a small ns2 project in Croatia version of the game, consisting of a user and a ship manager process executing on the Pyramid, and a queue manager process executing on a Sun workstation The ns2 project in Croatia monitoring system’s components are the central monitor, the PCS, and the AC executing on the Pyramid and the resident monitor executing on the Sun. This  demonstrates ns2 project in Croatia the dynamic, joint operation of the central and resident monitors with the AC and PCS. The purpose of this cooperation is to balance the rates of request generation by the user process and request processing by the ship manager. The monitoring statement ns2 project in Croatia instructs the monitor to notify the AC when the size of the request queue maintained by the queue manager process.