ns2 project in Bulgaria

Ns2 project in Bulgaria


     Ns2 project in Bulgaria these measurements imply that a single resident monitor may fully utilize its processor if all other processors ns2 project in Bulgaria on the ten-node Encore Multimax generate events at the fastest possible rate. Similar results should hold for the -based Encore machines now in use.

     However, as with the ns2 project in Bulgaria real-time multiprocessor, excessive communication with the central monitor will result ilowutilization of the dedicated Encore node. We have observed similar results on a BBN Butterfly multiprocessor with another version of the monitoring system .

      To summarize, ns2 project in Bulgaria it appears that both the configuration of the monitoring system in terms of resident and central monitors and the selection of appropriate monitoring plans using probes ns2 project in Bulgaria and sensors, depend on the characteristics of the underlying hardware and on application characteristics or requirements stated with the attribute and view languages. It would be ns2 project in Bulgaria interesting to consider the automatic derivation of such application requirements from information supplied by the programming environment or by the ns2 project in Bulgaria adaptation controller This section describes a program monitoring and adaptation that highlights some of the design and implementation issues in distributed, dynamic monitoring.

      This example uses the Issos parallel programming environment This game shares ns2 project in Bulgaria one aspect with many parallel and distributed programs, including parallel branchand- bound applications , parallel MultiLisp programs , and others. Namely, the game is ns2 project in Bulgaria subject to problems with workload balancing, since the program dynamically generates and consumes units of work that cannot be predicted statically The game consists of ships moving on a sea.