ns2 project in vienna

Ns2 project in Vienna

      Ns2 project in Vienna this multiprocessor was composed of seven nodes, each containing an Intel  processor, which is somewhat slower than the Motorola  processors in our Sun- workstations. First, in this system, the relative ns2 project in vienna cost of sending messages within and among different processors is lower than in Unix. Specifically, the GEM real-time operating system executing on this multiprocessor provides ns2 project in Vienna  message sending primitives that can transmit small messages  within 1 ms, compared wit between somewhat faster Sun workstations. Second, this message ns2 project in Vienna communication overhead is roughly equivalent to the overhead of process switching in GEM .

      Third, the bandwidthof the bus connecting different ns2 project in Vienna multiprocessor nodes is quite high and generally underutilized  . Fourth, the multiprocessor’s link to the monitoring system’s user interface   has comparatively low bandwidth and ns2 project in Vienna high latency compared to the intra-multiprocessor links. Asa result, for this hardware configuration, we dedicated a single processor to the execution of a single resident monitor. Sensors and ns2 project in Vienna extended sensors send event records to this resident monitor at a cost of roughly ns2 project in Vienna per event record.

    The resident monitor performs all analyses not done by extended sensors and it also performs those analyses done by the central monitor in the distributed system  A similar monitoring architecture was adopted for an Encore Multimax multiprocessor, which could be used for execution of selected components of a parallel/distributed program ns2 project in Vienna mapped to a set of Sun workstations and the Encore Multimax . Here, a single Unix process acting as a resident monitor is responsible for all application processes executing on the Encore machine. ns2 project in Vienna this resident monitor sends event records to the central monitor executing on a Sun workstation, which may also communicate with resident monitors located on other Sun workstations.